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DRY Pedicures
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A woman’s nails are her business card. Although we use our hands all days during various activities, our nails should be considered jewels, not tools. Gone are the days of obviously fake nails! Whether you choose to give them a simple treatment, or you embellish them to the fullest, let us take care of your nails! Sit back, relax, and let our technicians work their magic! 


  1. Basic manicure : includes cuticle removal, filing the nails and protective top coat.

  2. Basic manicure with gel polish, BIAB, or rubber base treatment.

  3. Gel nail extensions: 

  • New set basic

  • Update set basic


The Nail Room Extra's:

foil, crystals, drawing. Designs considered extras include French tips, babyboomer and ombre nails.

All nail repairs are free within one week of having the set.



Our feet deserve some love too! Relax and pamper them with our customised treatments, tailored to your needs. Wiggle your toes in the rose petal footbath and get yourself back on your feet in no time! 


  1. Dry pedicure basic : cuticle removal, filing nails and protective top coat.

  2. Dry pedicure + gel polish : cuticle removal, filing nails, gel polish.. 

  3. Update dry pedicure + gel : removal gel polish, cuticle removal, filing nails, gel polish.

Keep in mind that these are cosmetic treatments, not medical treatments.

The Nail Room Maastricht.jpg

Opening hours

Come and hop in. You don't need an appointment! If you want to be sure, just make an appointment through our online booking system.

The Nail Room

In the center of town!

Spilstraat 21

6211 CN Maastricht

Tuesday to Saturday:

from 11.00 to 18:00

Monday closed!

Sunday closed!

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